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waveney stringsWaveney Strings provides a lively, friendly, fun setting for you to develop or refresh your skills as a strings player.  We welcome players of all kinds of string instrument of approximately Grade 3 standard and over (no exams necessary).  You can find information about the kinds of music we play in the Archives section on this site.

Waveney Strings was set up by Netta Swallow in 2008.  The inspiration came from East London Late Starters Orchestra, an organisation set up to enable players at all levels to develop or re-hone their musical skills. 

At Waveney Strings, players come together to support each other and gain experience of playing with others.  We learn to play pieces of music chosen both for fun and to provide manageable challenges.  

Whatever your level, whether rusty, relatively new to string-playing or more experienced, Waveney Strings provides a friendly environment in which to refresh, gain and increase skills and to share ideas and experience.

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