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Debbie Whomes

Debbie Whomes

Our musical director is Debbie Whomes, a professional cellist and member of the Blythe String Quartet. 

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Currently, we have between 4 and 7 first violin players.  Amongst these is Rosemary Shaw, a professional teacher of violin, viola and music theory. 
We have 7 to 9 second violins (including one who once did grade 8!), 3 or 4 viola players, 3 or 4 cellists and 2 double bass players. 
We range in age from teens to eighties.  Some of us have been playing for ages, others not very long at all.
If you would like to join us or would like to know more, you can find details of how to contact us on this site.
blythe string quartet

Blythe String Quartet

Occasionally, other members of the Quartet also join us for sessions.

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